Our Story

In January of 2017, my partner opened his store, Weal and Breech, making absolutely stunning wooden BDSM implements out of our house. His works of art are now for sale in many sex stores around Toronto. We have been slowly attending craft and maker fairs around the Greater Toronto Area, and slowly expanded his product line to include kinky and queer key tags, pins, pet tags, and other engraved products, as well as leather and silicone collars.

As business picked up for Weal and Breech, I have slowly taken on all of the engraving and leather work to help with the workload and to help continue the business to grow. We have been slowly trying to expand to more markets, beyond just the BDSM community, so we decided to split the company into two, with the gorgeous wooden implements under Weal and Breech, and the pins, tags, and leather goods under L'Amour-Propre. I opened L'Amour-Propre on June 7th 2017.

My partner and I both work full time on Weal and Breech and L'Amour-Propre. Because of L'Amour-Propre, Because of the amazing support we have received from our amazing community, I was able to transition to doing this full time after a serious back injury.

Stores you can find our products at:

Good For Her - Toronto, Ontario
The Alternative - Ottawa, Ontario
Venus Envy - Ottawa, Ontario
Venus Envy - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Watson & Lou - Peterborough, Ontario

Upcoming markets you can find us at:

You can also listen to my partner and I talk with the absolutely lovely Erin Pim on the Bed Post Podcast here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-bed-post-podcast/id1065089510?mt=2

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